Sunday, June 8, 2014


Outside of a few friends who know me out there and meatspace, I've been keeping this little thing close to my chest for a little bit, 'cause I've been terrified of jinxing it and having it slip through my fingers.

But, after a few weeks and some more assurances that it is not a fluke, and will not just turn into shapeless smoke if I say something about it, I'll just reveal my good news.

I found someone to play with ^.^

This may not seem like such big news for some people (mostly those who don't know me well), but for me it is amazingly huge. I don't play very much at all, online or off, so even getting someone to fool around with me in text or cam form is a huge gain over my usual time. To, on top of that, find someone who is caring, warm, fun, experimental, open, and *local* to me who is willing to explore and experiment with me is... Kind of something that has never happened before.

And yet here I am, with exactly that warm, kind, fun, experimental, and incredibly pretty woman who is willing and able to do dirty, sexy things with me. There are times where I felt I was walking on air, because of how nice and good it felt. At which point another part of my brain would be there to club the floating one down and go "stop it, you're getting your hopes up again".

And then the second part would be proven a liar. It's not the kind of thing that happens a lot with me.

We met at Pearl's birthday party a few weeks back (a party i almost missed, and fuck would that have been a crime). We chatted a bit, and snuggled on the couch watching Pearl and Wildcard play with someone. I was feeling good at the time, and also horny (there was another person at the party I snuggled with, and she also happened to be naked and didn't mind beind groped. I need to show up to these parties more often), and desperately trying to not do the "lost puppy" routine that I sometimes fall into. It must have worked, because she sought me out once or twice during the party, and didn't mind me being close to her at all.

Afterwards, I asked Pearl about her and got a few answers that cooled my ardour a bit. Yes, she was single, yes she was kinky, no she wasn't into or experienced with my kinks at all but would probably be willing to learn, no is not looking as she's busy with school and has just come out of a hard relationship.

I'll admit I was a bit sad to hear that last bit, but I swallowed and thought to myself "She's willing to cuddle and be physically touched and touchy with you, that's more than you've got right now. So give it a shot".

I did, and messaged her of Fetlife. We started to chat, first just general life stuff, nerd things, setting up a friend-date to just hang out. Nothing too flirty or overt really. I was going into this pretty much only aiming to get a new friend.

Then something strange happened. One night, a couple of days before our friend-date, the conversation turned more frankly sexual than it had been previous, and the flirting began from both sides. I was still a little aprehensive, but willing to go along and see where it led. Flirting led to talking about our toys, which led to webcaming to compare them, which led us both to undress on cam, which led to... Her agreeing to tease me and play some.

I was beyond head over heels. This is something that happened in my quiet, before-sleep fantasies involving her (I've had a few before that evening. Like I said she was pretty sexy and fun and warm, all of which are things that make me react strongly physically) and never something I expected to happen at all, much less so soon in our relationship together and so quickly and easily.

The day of the date came, and she showed up at the movies wearing what was practically a see-through top with a small, push-up black bra beneath it. My eyes may have popped out of their sockets a bit, and I tried to keep as close as possible to her all the time together. If only to have a good angle to look at see-through-shirt-cleavage (she's quite a bit smaller than me, so me being in a ten foot radius of her gives me cleavage-vision).

That day was an amazing amount of fun. The movie wasn't terrible, the company was great, the food we grabbed after was tasty, and the flirting and groping we did in the car after was sexy. The date was less than a week ago, and already we've progressed and moved on with our fun. And it doesn't look likely to stop or die soon.

So I write this, partly in defiance of jinxing what I've found, and party out of my giddy glee at finding someone to share my warmth and sexiness with.

Plus now I'll totally have more stuff kink-related to share here :D

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