Wednesday, June 4, 2014

i swear to god i am not making this up.

I just finished A Bridge Too Far (which is a movie based on a book about Operation Market Garden and then the PVR went back to what the TV channel was. And I saw...

(well one of those two, the player didn't load right for me (it's not chrome compliant. You'd think they'd hire a competant webmaster to just use standard flash)
(ps:i am copy pasting this into my gtalk with Pearl (her reaction was quite simply "What. The. Fuck." (that is a direct quote and she is a liar if she denies it) and my reaction was "RIGHT?!" (except with a lot more?!'s)

     There are a lot of things wrong with this, and I don't know if I'll ever have the time and coherence to go through them all so I'll give the major highlights.

1) it doesn't fucking matter what other countries do, quebec is part of a country currently
2) said country already *has* an official language. 2, actually. French and English.
3) despite all of this (and the fact that French was made an official language because of Quebec *and other francophones who live outside of quebec*), Quebec does not have English as an official language outside of federal places. In fact, english is legally obligated to be *less visible and legible* than french on signs.
4) it is more xenophobic vomit from the branch of the Quebec people that think that being inclusive means "you can't make the white french people uncomfortable by being different, or talking english"
5) fuck this condescending bullshit

*takes a breath*

So A Bridge Too Far is still a most excellent film, you should check it out if you like war movies, or are interested at all in World War 2 (June 6th is soon people, lets not forget the longest day).

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