Sunday, June 8, 2014

The taste of you

The lights are dim once again, and I am kneeling in front of you. You smile down at my naked body, your stockinged foot gently running down my chest and stomach. I groan, shivering with need and emotion, my cock trying to swell up before you but being contained by the solid steel of my cage. You grin wider, playing with the key around your neck.

“Aww, is someone horny?” you tease lightly, foot grazing the steel. Your other hand slides beneath your skirt and I can begin smelling your arousal already. “Does someone want that poor, mean cage off so you can stretch and grow?”

I nod, whimpering in the high, needy way I know you love so well. Your foot lists up my caged penis, supporting it from beneath my balls, and I moan again the flesh pulsing warmly inside of the metal. You give a moan and bounce it lightly on the top of your foot, sending more shivers through my body. A clear drop of precum forms at the tip of my cock as my heavy balls bounce on your foot, and I groan again deep in my chest, shivering again from the need of you.

“Poor slutty kitty. Well, maybe if you take care of me right, I'll take care of you.” You grin wickedly again, and lift the hem of your skirt up. I can see the glistening wetness of where your fingers got started, and my mouth began to water already. You lick your probing finger clean, then summon me to your crotch with it.

I barely needed the invitation, as I almost plunge my face between your thighs. Your smell invades my nose as my face slides into the shadows beneath your skirt. One one your hands grips my hair, wrapping the locks around your fingers, to bring me in harder to your dripping cunt. I oblige. Normally, when I eat you, I like to begin slow and teasing, kissing and nibbling my way from your mouth, down your throat, over your chest, across your stomach and then finally cover your inner thigh entirely in kisses and love bites before plunging my tongue into your folds and going to work. But today you are in no mood for it, and you press me tightly against your pussy and begin to grind. I whimper, my cock straining harder against your foot as you use my face as your toy.
I do my best with your movements. My mouth and lips fumble at your labia, sucking and nibbling on them as they come within reach. I thrust my hips at your foot and moans again, the taste and smell of you all over me turning my arousal into overdrive. After what feels like ages fumbling against your movements, I finally grab your hips and pin your ass to the couch, which causes your fingers to tighten in my hair. I don't care, as I can finally show your cunt the worship I feel it deserves.

I begin on the outside, my tongue tracing the outer edge of your majora. I kiss it gently, moving from the soft tickle of your pubic hair to the musky taste of your ass, and back up on the other side. The warm, plump lips are covered in kisses, and I take care to suck every inch of them into my mouth.

I move my attention to your protruding inner lips, using my teeth a bit more as I nip and tug at them. Your smell is stronger now, and I stop my ministrations of your labia to give your hole deep, languorous licks, dipping as deep inside as it can reach. I swallow your juices, purring, before resuming my slow and methodical work.

I finish with your labia, and then attack your clit. My tongue swirls around it in circles as I suck it between my lips. I grip it tightly, but gently, keeping my teeth away from direct contact with anything but your hood. I can hear you moaning more as I swirl and suck, and my own movements become more desperate. I whimper louder, my slurping becoming less measured and calculated as my lust overwhelms me. My hands leave your hips, on moving between your legs to slip two fingers inside of you. I hear you gasp as they slide in easily, and I curve them up to hit the fleshy mound of your g-spot. Your hips buck in answer, and your hands bring my face tight into you again. You grind away at my face, my fingers fucking you, my mouth desperately sucking and licking your clit as it passes by and crushes itself into my face.

It is not enough for me. I need more of you, and my movements increase against you. Your legs tighten around my head as I feel you get close to your orgasm, and I desperately try to bring you there. I moan at the thought of your juices exploding on my face, in my mouth, all over me, dripping heavy and sweet to the ground.
I feel you shudder, and your flow becomes thick. I greedily slurp it up as your hips raise strongly from the couch, pressing me against you in orgasmic bliss. Slowly, your body relaxes but my mouth continues it's work, my fingers slowly popping out of you. I gently cover your swollen cunt with soft kisses and gentle licks, soothing the reddened flesh with my loving tongue. 

I lean back from you, my face a sexy-smelling mess, and breath hard at your feet. Your gentle teasing of my cage cock never stopped, and several drops of precum have landed on your toes. You don't seem to mind, lounging lazily from your voluptuous orgasm.

"Good pet... Now come, lets go to bed." you smile tiredly at me, and I moan, cock twitching and more precum pearling at the tip. Once more, blue-balls for me.

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