Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello Internet, I've missed you

My modem has been on the death for the past weekend, so I couldn't do anything internet related. I have discovered that TV really *does* suck, Soccer is actually pretty interesting at the international level, and video games are more annoying when you can't look up what you're doing wrong at a moments notice (how the fuck did we survive the 80's and 90's as gamers?!)

But it's all fixed now, so I can resumed my aimless wanderings about the internet. And get Game of Thrones before being *too* horribly spoiled (even though, as a book reader, that's not much of a danger).

I have started another writing project which, hopefully, will keep me at least writing something until I can get back to working on Lanos more. It's going to be kind of a porny Dresden Files inspired modern/urban fantasy thing. I'm still sussing it out but I'm having some fun writing it. It's a lot more fluff than Lanos, so it tends to go down smoother than struggling with the heavy metaphysics and philosophy I want Lanos to involve. Ah well.

I've also gotten myself an E-Cig, since my new lady friend (what should I call her... Heart? Adorable? SexyHobbit(she's really short)?) dislikes cigarettes a fair bit. I've been needing to quit for a while, this is just a kick in the pants to get working on it I guess.

I devoured the last Dresden Files (as you may have imagined since I'm working on something Dresdenesque) and enjoyed the living shit out of it still. It may not be the highest of literature, but goddamn if it isn't a good, fun read. Just wish they lasted longer.

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