Saturday, September 7, 2013

okay I'm calm now

No I'm fucking not.

DC, you should be fucking ashamed of your fucking selves. Where in the wide world of fucking sports was this every considered a good fucking idea. This is disgusting bullshit that once more plays into your pandering and overt sexualisation of every fucking thing having to do with a fucking female goddamn shitcocking character.

And the comments? The fucking *comments* on that page, where a bunch of male nerds circlejerk themselves about how "well it's just a bunch of gag strips god you feminists are uppidy" and "i don't see the problem with this" and "why is this a problem it's not like it's an actual story containing these things" well fuck you guys.

Fuck you guys hard.

1) suicide jokes are as touchy as rape jokes. tasteful is not the norm.
2) DC has a long storied fucking history of marginalising, sexually exploiting and fridging their female characters ("fridging" refers to the trope called "Women in a refridgerator", which was coined *from* a DC comic where the Green Lantern comes home and finds his girlfriend dead and stuffed in his fridge. So, yeah)
3) Defending it makes you look like brainless jackoff morons without the mental or emotional capacity to understand social interactions
4) this is coming straight on the fucking heels of DC going "Well we have a major lesbian character and she totally proposed to her girlfriend in the comic but WE FORBID YOU TO GET THEM MARRIED OR SHOW THE MARRIAGE WE DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYONE EXCEPT GUYS MARRYING CHICKS"

fuck this whole shit.

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