Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A RL friend of mine, who runs her own Femdom blog has been posting reviews and takedowns of a seemingly major player in the Femdom "Industry", Femdomme Society (I am not linking to them for reasons you'll see.

It begins with a basic review, where she just looks a the site layout and how it works and proceeds to just call it pretty terrible.

Then, She goes into their "university", which promisses to give classes and special secrets about how to totally like rule your man and be a totally empowered woman (which basically comes down to "become a fetish object")

A second little bit which goes into a bit more detail with the more advanced classes.

This is where it begins to get good. The final little bits fall into place, as the pricing and tiered memberships are examined, and details like "profit sharing" and "hosting competions" are talked about, making it begin to sound a lot like a pyramid scheme. It gets amazing in the comments of this one, because some obvious sockpuppets have followed the links back to Pearl's blog and begun to defend the site (often using... Problematic Punctuation).

But that's not the end, oh dear reader!

Turns out, This whole affair is run by a dude. A Dude Who is Accused of Fraud In At Least one State.

So, there we have it.

Steer clear of Femdomme Society, and any site like it, really. Your wallet and healthy kink life will thank you.

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