Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I should have finished the movie before posting my last one

Because the ending is just. what.
the way to stop them is to infect people so they're invisible to zombies
what the shit movie
what the fucking

When the Bourne Legacy, which has a plot about retrovirus DNA modifications of physical and mental abilities, has a more sensible fucking plot

This entire movie has literally been a wild goose chase from setpiece to setpiece that ends in a WHO hospital (which the fucking characters had access to in the beginning of the movie and you could have found every single fucking bit of information they went around the world to find on the continental US so why send them out WELL I GUESS WWZ INVOLVED KOREA AND ISRAEL SO WE GOTTA THROW THAT IN EVEN IF IT HAS NO RESEMBLENCE TO THE BOOK PARTS ABOUT THOSE COUNTRIES)

And for the magical end game to literally be "lets just like spread typhoid or something zombies don't attack terminally sick individuals" just what


why is the fucking infection spreading so fast in underdeveloped nations like the sub-saharan african countries or india and so on when they have high rates of illness and and
I cant

so white man injects himself randomly because communicating using a pen, paper and a camera that can move is unpossible you see AND IT WORKS because you can't have brad pitt fucking up he has to be right he's the white man hero of the film AFTER FUCKING ALL

And so of course now we have a possible sequel where a bunch of soldiers with leprosy or what the shit ever go out and fight the zombies

of course not that would be stupid, it's a vaccine they've extracted using something that doesn't ACTUALLY makes you terminally ill just makes the zombies think it or something
fuck everything about this movie
just fuck it

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