Friday, September 6, 2013

I went back to try and play some classic X-COM

Godfucking damnit but that game is fucking brutal. Like... So fucking brutal.

My first mission goes alright, a downed scout ship with four or five sectoids inside of it. I lose four rookies, which is pretty good considering the difficulty I'm playing at. I get back to base, hire more guys to fill out my loses, and keep going.

Second UFO, same thing. Only lose two guys this time, things are going good.

Third mission is a Floater terror mission in Beijing. I grit my teeth, the replacements haven't come in yet so I'm going into combat with only eight guys, not the ten I like to bring.

I start moving my guys out of the skyranger, and crossfire from both sides of the ramp take out four of my soldiers before I can even set up and spot one of the aliens. My remaining four set up a loose defensive line and I hope for the best.

Alien turn, they take out two more of my guys, one of my rookies panic, and I'm left staring down a floater and a reaver in close range, one more accross the ways about ten hexes distant, a three reapers and two floaters a few dozen hexes south of me.

Full team wipe.

I think I'm going to go back in a lower my difficulty a few notches.

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