Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My first time in the dungeon

Miss Tease and I have been involved together for a few months now, and we've both comfortably moved into that amazing and terrifying part of a relationship called "dating", or otherwise known as "officially calling each other boy/girlfriend". Not only is the D/s part something fairly new for me, but the dating part is as well. As many who know me can attest, I haven't had much luck with relationships, and the ones I have had generally went nowhere or self-destructed very early in.

In fact, all told, this is going on to be my lengthiest and most successful relationship yet. Which is, in of itself, a little terrifying.

About a month into our thing, Tease mentioned that she had a friend who owned and rented out a dungeon. Said friend would be willing to go for half-rates for Tease and myself. I jumped, she jumped, and we planned it out. I'd yet to have proper dungeon play at all, ever. All of my play has always been in my house, mostly with the few toys and items I had on hand. The opportunity to be in a proper dungeon, with proper funiture and toys and tools was just too much!

Today was that day, and it was pretty nice :3

We got dressed, but Miss Tease had some minor issues as she was changing; her period, which was supposed to begin two weeks ago, picked the exact time of us beginning the dungeon session to begin. We both roundly scolded her uterus for being a jerk, then began for real.

The first bit was just a bit of a foot massage for her. I was sitting/kneeling on a large pillow and she was in a throne, her feet on my chest or lap. I'm not a foot person, but she likes having her feet massaged, stroked and petted. I'm not entirely grossed out by feet in general (unless they are... ripe. then ugh.), so I am more than willing to comply and make her feel happy, or relaxed, with some feet play. At one point, she put some clover clamps on me and started to tug at the chain with her free foot. We soon moved onto the main event, however.

I knelt down on a padded table while she pulled down my panties, and she gave me a light spanking. This is, again, another thing I'm not really big into. It's not a turn off, exactly, but that kind of impact pain play is just not something that wires into my happy-fun-time-sex-zones in my brain. Tease, however, enjoys it a lot and really wanted to do some.

She started lightly with her hand, then moved up to a light flogger. The hand hurt more, honestly. She switched back to her hand to give some harder spanks before finishing me off with a light strap. It certainly was a thing!

We moved on again, and she began using a small plug on me. We'd had sex before, of course, but it was all PiV. She's a fan of pegging, and it is on my list of things to try as well. Up to this point, the only real anal play I've had was self-involved, and it was a different feet to have someone fuck my ass with a toy. It was nice. The first plug, however, was too small and wouldn't stay inside (my poor loose butt :( now I'll never land a man because tightness is obviously the most important thing amirite), so she moved on to a different kind, with three slightly different sized ball-sections on it. She fucked me a bit more with that one, which felt *much* better than the first, very slim and simple plug. I couldn't really tell when the balls passed in or out of me, but the motion and feeling of being full was simply delightful.

I also confirmed something I had experienced in my own little experimentations; buttfucking causes my penis to shrivel up to basically useless size. I don't know why, as it's not an unpleasant or painful experience, but there it is. Something to consider for the future.

When she was done violating my virgin shute, she had me lay down on the table, face up, and locked me in a metal chastity tube, the kind that's literally just a short pipe with an open end. I don't much like this style of cage, and it didn't really do anything for or to me during the rest of the scene. Shame.

Then she started with a pinwheel. I had never tried a pinwheel before, and had never really heard descriptions of how they feel. I expected something of a pinny-tease touch, and didn't expect it to actually hurt as much as it could on certain parts of me. When she rolled it on my thighs, or chest, or belly it was an interesting sensation, but along my balls or near my nipples? Ye gods, little needles of fire shooting through my skin and making me jerk and writhe. So much that she finally shackled me to the table. After a while, she added a gag because I was being too "noisy".

When she was finally satisfied with the pinwheel, she moved onto the final toy; a violet wand. I was giddy, I'll admit. The wand was the thing I'd been most looking forward to playing with when she told me this dungeon came with one.

And ye lords was it something.

The attachement she used most often was the one that turns your entire body into the transmission medium. So lightly tracing her fingers along my skin would send jolts of static shocks into me, making me jump and whimper. Being still gagged, my vocalisation was a bit muted for my tastes.

I love that wand. It's a nice, sharp and warm pain that doesn't sizzle on for too long after her hand passes on, but is still live enough to make me notice and anticipate it with some dread. Especially as she played her fingers softly over my balls or *incredibly* sore nipples. About three-quarters of the way through the violet want scene, I asked for her to take the clamps off finally (they'd been on about an hour my then, and my nipples are *still* sore about five hours later. Clovers are evil but I love them so <3 )... Which then turned into an even bigger target for wanding. I may have jumped a few times when she hit my nipples right on the tip.

She also had possibly the most even toy I have ever felt. It's a metal rod that, at one tip, has loads of little metal necklaces. The ones made with little metal balls connected by a wire. That thing, with the wand, is unmitigated agony and cruelty. She just trailed it lightly over my skin and there were times where even just it sitting on my thigh was enough to make my eyes water. Fuck.

I asked her to take the manacles off, because my arms were getting sore (one of them fell asleep almost as soon as I was able to move it again, and felt really heavy. To the point where I couldn't lift it to do much with it except let it thunk beside me), and she moved onto the final bit. She took the tube off my cock, and started getting me ready for some fleshlighting.

Saddly, that one never went anywhere. We were trying to get an erection to stay, the fleshlight prepped, and a condom on with very little time left to our session. We ended up just letting it drop and cuddling on a cushion for a bit, before cleaning up the toys we used and the dungeon area.

All in all, it was a nice experience. I enjoyed it and would do it again, perhaps with a proper scene or list of scenes drawn up between me and Miss Tease so we can both maximise our time spent. I didn't 'space, however. I'm not sure what if it's because of what we did, or just that I need more time, but that's one thing I am sad we didn't get to. Ah well, next time!

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