Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I haven't looked at this in a bit

I've been kind of busy and tired. Well, been *made* tired by a certain Miss Tease (who is nonetheless wonderful).

I don't exactly feel like posting too much porny about what we've been doing, but sufficed to say that she's a good person, a good Mistress, and a good lover. :)

Workwise, I was passed over for the Team Leader spot I was aiming for. Not much of a surprise really, since I am still relatively new at the store and have little to no management experience. Still, I thought I would have been ace at the position, since I already mostly know just about everything there was in the position itself. ah wells.

I am generally doing better on the mental health front, due to both the meds and the afformentioned Miss Tease. Not sure which is more the cause, but I'll take it anyway.

I need to write more.

my legs are so sore why :(

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