Sunday, October 27, 2013

so very tired (and various updates in the life of a tashi)

I just started working this week, which is a good thing. otherwise, I'd still be broke and looking for work. It's at Target, which is newly opened in the province of Quebec, and I'm working the nightshift unloading/stocking position.

The hardest part of the job, up to now, was getting my sleep schedule figured out. On Monday (the 21st) was orientation, then I got my schedule to begin working Wednesday. At 9:30 PM, until 5 AM. So getting my sleep schedule flipped around has goal 1, and I think I'm almost there right now.

The work itself is physical and hard, but not too terrible. The atmosphere is fairly relaxed, co-workers aren't generally fuckbats and are fairly nice, there's a fair bit of banter going on during the work shift so it passes by fairly quick. All in all, not terrible. Could do worse with myself (Like going back to being a phone-salesman for a credit-card processing broker. ugh)

On the other fronts, I've been mostly quiet. The Vampire LARP I run has been going good, and shit finally came to a climax last game. Now it'll be a couple of quiet games while everyone tries to bring the pieces back together in some form of order until we knock it down all over again.

I've purchased a bunch of old RPGs, like the Ultima series, which I need to button down and actually play. I've been waffling about wondering about it, but it's not bad and I wanna get the shit done already. Also an old, but interesting, looking RPG called Darklands. It looks very immersive and amazing, but not as user-friendly as Ultima was, so it's on the list for a bit later.

Movie/TV wise, I've been watching a couple of the newer geek shows like Agents of SHIELD (which is alright, but should start getting better soon if the last couple episodes are a measure) and Sleepy Hollow (A whole lot of silly, fun, kind of creepy and overall cheesy supernatural amazingness with great writing and good characters).

This blog has been the most writing I've done in the past couple of months, which considering the huge amount of dry-spell I've had in the past few weeks makes me feel kind of terrible. I'm not entirely happy with my last post, either, as I feel it kind of meandered off at the end of it and lost the point I was going for. That happens to me a lot, as I don't really plan where I'm taking a post, I just go "I HAVE A TOPIC WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" and get to typing. The few times I've tried organising a proper outline of shit has had those posts stuck as drafts for months now (I had a big one about Ultima, game design, and open-world feel in RPGs I was really excited about but couldn't get through properly ;_; one day)

Nothing really new on the kink or sex scene for me, I've been too broke/isolated still to really do much. Though I did get a linkback from Miss Pearl recently so that's nice (I hope a couple people stuck around. Hi to people who did!)

I've been trying to be more vocal about social-justice issues where I can, but it's goddamn exhausting. I'm already dealing with some fairly long term and chronic depression issues, so stirring the pot with this constantly leaves me feeling melancholic and drained every time, and I don't think I'm much use to anything when I'm feeling like that. So, moderation in all things.

Though I did recently call someone out for making a rape joke which he insisted was not a rape joke. Lemme break that down for you:

SETTING: A chatroom dealing with kinky things
SITUATION: A bowl of milk has been set up for someone random

Kitty: Oooh, milk! *drinks bowl of milk*
Joker: You shouldn't drink random things, it may have roofies in it!
Tashi: Rape joke. Classy.
Joker: It's not a rape joke! roofies aren't just for rape! plus I've known guys who have been spiked with roofies and you don't rape guys!
Tashi: 1) yes you can rape guys. 2) How is it not a rape joke to imply that what she drunk is spiked with GHB?
Joker: Well it wasn't about rape just meant it could have *anything* in it and roofies was the first example!
Tashi: And what happens to girls who drink stuff spiked with GHB?

At which point, he stoped talking altogether. On the one hand, good because he was acting like a fucking moron and I would have said so brutally honestly if he kept going. On another, bad because he probably didn't learn a damn thing and still believes it was all in innocent fun and nothing harmful at all.

For those who don't understand what happened, lemme try to go through it.

GHB, or roofies (or "The date rape drug") is something that is used to get someone, usually a girl, into a hazy, limp and near-unconcious state so that it is easier to rape them. It often affects memory, so they're never quite sure what happened.

The implication here was that "Careful, that milk may be spiked", and since the Joker is the one who put the milk out, further implied that *he* had spiked it and it could realistically end with some rape. And, frankly, that's not only not funny, it's fucking creepy and shitty and just idiotic. The last thing the world needs is more people spreading and normalizing this sort of shit. Society is fucked enough about rape and consent as it is that making jokes about it is fucking monstrous.

Alright, feeling calmer now. Bracingly heavy music is calming me down some.

That's more or less my life right now. Nothing overly exciting, I know, but it can't all be entries about feminism or rants about World War Z (that movie *still* pisses me off. What a piece of dribbly fuck).

If anyone is still reading this, how about a suggestion for a topic? I'll see what I got to work with :D

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